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GEBCO_2021_10x (Image Service)

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Current Version : 10.81

Description : GEBCO 2021 TopoBathy (ice surface) elevation service with 10x vertical exaggeration, for use in oceanographic or terrestrial 3D web visualizations. Image service cached from level 0 to level 11.

GEBCO 2021 Vertical Exaggeration Products:

GEBCO is a global terrain model for ocean and land providing elevation data in meters on a 15 arc-second interval grid. It is accompanied by a Type Identifier (TID) Grid that gives information on the types of source data that the GEBCO_2021 Grid is based. More Info.

What can you do with this layer?

  • Use for visualization in a 3D Web Scene.

Layers associated with the GEBCO 2021 product:

Each of the layers can be found in this Web Map.

Service Description :

Copyright Text : GEBCO Compilation Group (2021) GEBCO 2021 Grid (doi:10.5285/c6612cbe-50b3-0cff-e053-6c86abc09f8f)

Spatial Reference :

Single Fused Map Cache : true

Capabilities : Image,TilesOnly,Tilemap

Tile Info :
Extent :
Initial Extent :
Full Extent :
Band Count : 1
Service Data Type : esriImageServiceDataTypeElevation
Cache Type : Elevation
Dataset Format : Cache/LERC
Compression Type : LERC

Pixel Type : F32
Pixel Size X : 0.01866138385297604
Pixel Size Y : 0.01866138385297604
Min Pixel Size : 76.43702828507324
Max Pixel Size : 156543.03392800014

Block Width : 256
Block Height : 256

Min Scale : 5.91657527591555E8
Max Scale : 288895.277144

Export Tiles Allowed : true
Max Export Tiles Count : 100000
Cache Type : Elevation

Document Info :